Printed Textile Surfaces

wow wow wow I cannot believe that its been 3 months since my last post on here. I think its because I do most of my postings to facebook and instagram on my ipad as its so much easier and quicker than booting up the computer, also my photos are mostly saved on the ipad as well.

Anyway at University we are well into the swing of the first semester and trying not to be swallowed up by the amount of work that is being given to us. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed all of our time back in the printing workshop and am very happy with some of the samples that I have produced. We’ve now been kicked out the workshop to give way to the first years printing module which I remember very well and look back at it with a “I had no idea what the hell  I was doing but I had fun all the same” attitude.

Hopefully I can now find some pictures of some of the samples that I have completed.

discharge printing prior to being steamed and washed
discharge printing prior to being steamed and washed
discharge printed after being fixed with the addition of foiling
discharge printed after being fixed with the addition of foiling
procion mx dyed cotton with discharge dye, bronze and gold metallic pigment
procion mx dyed cotton with discharge dye, bronze and gold metallic pigment
procion dyed cotton, discharged screen printed, pearl binder with pink disperse dye pigment with a crocheted edge
procion dyed cotton, discharged screen printed, pearl binder with pink disperse dye pigment with a crocheted edge

The next part of the project we are developing our kodatraces in a repeat before completing our collection. There is so much to do before Christmas just on this one module let alone the other module we have running along side yet it is really exciting looking at everybody’s work so far.


Research, Research and more….arghhhh Research

Where does the time go? I keep asking myself this question and to be honest, I still can’t find the answer to it. Here I am again thinking that I have loads of time but with only 7 weeks left until I return to Uni I had better get my butt into gear and think about what I am going to do for my next project.

Well I’ve sort of decided but then I keep changing my mind. I’ve never been indecisive before so I really don’t know whats up with me. One minute I think I’ve got it then I start to draw and get bored and then change my mind and go onto something completely different (now there’s a saying).

BUT…I have come up with some really nice stuff so even if I don’t use it this time then it may come in handy at a later date.

I think one of my biggest issues was where to go to gain some primary research material. Definitely an issue when my mind has been as changeable as the British weather. I started off by visiting Attingham Park, a local national trust property. Me being soft ended up with an annual membership so he next day I visited Chirk Castle near Wrexham and then Erddig the following week. All 3 places are so different to each other with such a diverse range of objects to photograph, I felt like I had gone to heaven. The plants are amazing (even if I didn’t know what they were until I googled them)

Globe Artichoke flower at Erddig
Aeonium Arboreum 'Zwartkop' (Black Rose Flower)
Aeonium Arboreum ‘Zwartkop’ (Black Rose Flower) at Erddig
Walled Garden Attingham Park
Glasshouse at Erddig

So with a few ideas I now have to take 100 photos of objects that relate directly to my chosen theme and then complete 33 drawings in black and white, 7 in colour and 5 studies in stitch. All a little bit time consuming hence the reason I have a little panic on with only 7 weeks left.

I have however made a start and now I am on a roll I may well get finished.

A lovely clock on show at Erddig
A lovely clock on show at Erddig
Papercut of the Globe Artichoke
Paper cut of the Globe Artichoke
Coloured pencil drawing of the Aeonium Arborium 'Zwartkop'
Coloured pencil drawing of the Aeonium Arborium ‘Zwartkop’

The New Artisan

I cannot believe how fast this module has gone, in fact even worse is how quick the first year at University has gone. I’m missing it already and its only a week since we finished for the year.

I was really pleased with the outcomes of this module, I just hope that I get a decent enough mark to show for all of the hard work.  Although I have always been relatively good on computers, photoshop has given me a little brain ache at times. Its certainly been a steep learning curve to get even a little bit of an image that I have been happy with. Mind you some of the best things that I have produced have been purely accidental….mmmmm I mean experimental (wink!)

Image left – A3 print of design worked in photoshop Image middle right – scaled photoshop image printed onto metal Image bottom right – same pattern printed onto linen fabric
Piece of laminate flooring painted with acrylics – this was then scanned into photoshop and manipulated to produce the ethnic prints
Laminate flooring printed with design created from original painting and then heat transferred using magic touch paper – I would love this on my floor but now adorns my living room wall
Laminate flooring painted and embellished with ring can pulls
Acetate printed with design and cut into petals and attached to wood
wood drilled and embellished with wire sewn using chain stitch with sequins
Ribbon, ring can pulls and acetate petals

I have learnt so much during the year, have learnt processes that I have never had the chance to try before and am always amazed with the amount of work that goes into producing  tiny pieces of work. I love drawing and use my sketchbook a lot which again is something which I never considered a part of my life previously. My outlook on life is changing steadily, my pace of life is slowing down and I am looking at the world through different eyes, Artists eyes!

Oh and I’m loving every single minute of it xx

Samples, samples and more samples

For our latest module we are producing a number of samples based on our chosen theme. I chose to focus on Ethnic and Folk especially looking at the traditional dress of Tibet and Buddhist patterns and artefacts. The colours on the costumes are bright and invigorating and I so wanted to recreate something as exciting.

I messed around with off cuts of different materials which I had found in our local community craft shack and although these aren’t by any means finished I quite like the effect that I’ve got from this and they’re a basis for further experimentation.

Textiles various
Textiles various
Textile using couching and mola work
Textile using couching and mola work

I’ve got so many more ideas to try out, I can’t wait…….but….so much to do and so little time xx

I’ve found my CROJO

I haven’t had time for any crochet of late and even the thought of picking up my hook couldn’t motivate me. A few days off and I have found my crochet mojo and here it is, a sneaky preview into my latest work in progress…. you can find the pattern for this here

Sophie's Garden/Universe
Sophie’s Garden/Universe

Modules and contents

Its so long since I last posted that I have given myself a good slap around the head and told myself to get a grip. In all honesty its been a really busy period coming towards the end of my first year in Uni. I’m pleased to say that I am doing really well and passing everything easily which I am so chuffed about. I’m still loving every single minute of it and often continue my work when I get home.

It’s also been really hard without a decent computer at home. The last one was really old and kept on crashing so I’ve bitten the bullet and upgraded to an iMac (is still jumping up and down with glee) so it should be much easier to post online now.

….so what have I been up to? The last project colour in design was all about colour theory. I must admit, I learnt a hell of a lot. I have to keep reminding myself that  I dropped art at school and did other things, I know absolutely nothing and I’m on such a steep learning curve that its really exciting. The whole process of designing is exciting, fun and so therapeutic and I ask myself the question every day…Why the hell did I wait so long to do this?


So here is one of my final designs and I absolutely love it…

Wallpaper design for children’s interiors

I also had to design a rug. I used heat transfer and stitch for this and I think it came out really well. Please excuse the photo quality, this is taken in the studio with the design pinned up on my desk upright.

Rug design
Rug design

I thoroughly enjoyed this module but thinking back I wish I had a little bit more time to finish the wall paper designs and tie them into the rug design a little more. Oh well life got in the way and I still got a great mark for it all.

Next module, the new artisan is in full flow now and although I’m off for 2 weeks for Easter there is no rest as I have a project brief to write which is my first so will probably take me the entire holiday.

Practice makes perfect they say

Happy days



New Years Crochet

I’ve been a busy little bee recently and have produced 2 new items for myself to wear.

The first seems to be a favourite with all the UK crafty ladies on the crochet facebook sites so I thought I would 2015-01-05 13.10.08give this a go. It’s the cowl-neck poncho designed by Simone Francis for issue 25 of Simply Crochet. I must admit I found this an absolute pleasure to hook and as a result only took me just over a day to complete. Being just a mere poor student I decided not to use the recommended yarn but a much cheaper but very nice all the same yarn and must admit that I have now also fallen in love with Stylecraft Special Aran – its just so lovely to crochet with and feels so scrummy and warm. I also love the colours even though they were just randomly selected and put together I think they have come out just fine.

My next project which was actually started before the poncho but finished just2015-01-05 14.15.24

this morning when I put the buttons on is the County Cotton Shawl by Lion Brand. This is a free pattern which  can be found at

This has been made with another yarn that I love to work with but disappointingly for me the yarn has now been discontinued. I did however manage to pick up a big bag for an absolute bargain at my local wool shop. This is James C Brett Monsoon.

Now I need to decide what to make next… decisions decisions